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Niamh Flanagan is a London based milliner of Irish descent who produces intricate, hand made hats and head pieces.

Niamh’s designs are based on creatively blending vintage styles with the contemporary, producing hats that look to the future for women’s headwear. Often architectural and sculptural her hats are made using traditional millinery techniques fused with innovative techniques to allow her to work with unexpected and modern materials.

Niamh takes inspiration from a wide range of artistic sources including Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Post-Impressionism and Modernism.

Currently Niamh Flanagan Millinery provides individual pieces for English and International clients for a wide range of occasions and artistic projects.


The sculptural and architectural nature of Niamh's designs sees her take inspiration from a striking array of natural and man made phenomenon ranging from modernist shapes and buildings to wild flowers, plants and dimensional landscapes.

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